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Home Security and Control

Lights, camera, control
for as little as
$32 per month.

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Check in on your kids from the restaurant. Disarm your home security system from your office. Set the thermostat in your house before you even get there. View Demo

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Home Security customers can use this app to remotely access and control your system.
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Features and Benefits

When You’re at Home, it’s Touchscreen-simple When You’re Away, it’s Always Accessible

With Bright House Networks Home Security, you get an advanced home management system designed to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. You can control everything from climate controls and lighting, to door chimes and security cameras—all from your touchscreen, your mobile device or online. So you have access wherever you are, whenever you want.

Security is Just the Start

Your Bright House Networks system has all kinds of convenient features you can personalize to your preference, and update or change as often as you like. Here are just a few.

News and Weather

Wondering what it’s like outside, or what’s going on in the world? Use the Apps on your touchscreen to check the weather, news and more before you leave the house.

Keep an Eye on the House
Curious if the dog walker showed up, or the kids made it home from school on time? Take a look at your cameras remotely, or personalize your system to snap a picture when the door opens.
Turn on the Lights

Don’t like coming home to a dark house? Use the lighting controls to flip on entry lights—right before you pull in the driveway.

Adjust your Thermostat

Want to change the temperature so your house is cozy and comfortable when you get home? You can set the thermostat remotely so it’s just the way you like it when you come home.

Customize Your System

You can customize your Bright House Networks system to set up events or to notify you when certain events occur (or do not occur) in your home. You can change these Rules at any time. There are three types of Rules.

  • Schedule - At a specified time, take action. For example, on Wednesday night at 7:00 pm, play sound, “Don’t forget to take out the trash,” as a reminder.
  • Event - When the front door opens, record a video clip or take a picture (great when your kids come home from school).
  • Non-Event - When something does NOT happen at a specified time, take action. For example, if the front door does not open from 3:00–4:00 pm when the kids should come home, send a text message.

Download our product guide for more information on customizing your system.

Download Home Security Product Guide

Don't Forget Your Insurance Discount

Get Your Alarm Monitoring Certificate
Did you know that in some cases your insurance company will provide a discount for properties with a security system installed? Often times, the discount homeowners receive from their insurance company comes close to covering the monthly alarm-monitoring fee. In short, it almost pays for itself!

Once you log in to the main security portal, through the link below, retrieving your Certificate is quick and easy.

  1. Select Security > Insurance Certificate on the toolbar. The Alarm Monitoring Certificate will be displayed with your information.
  2. Click Print to send the Certificate to the printer.

Log in, and print your Alarm Monitoring Certificate.

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