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Kids in the Community

We Are a Good Neighbor

We Live Here Too.

At Bright House Networks, we have a longstanding tradition of also serving our customers by supporting the communities in which you work and live. After all, we live here too. We want our local areas not only to survive but thrive! Recognizing the importance of investing in education and afterschool programs, we focus the majority of our resources on improving the quality of education in the classroom through cable resources and technologies and increasing achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; and, we do our part to ensure kids have greater access to affordable quality afterschool programs.

We also strive to be good neighbors in the communities we serve through programs like Operation Bright Eyes and Keeping Kids Safe by providing support and encouragement for local volunteerism by our employees. In any given year, Bright House Networks works with more than 500 local charities throughout the areas we serve. Working together with our partners, we endeavor to build brighter communities.

Making Resources Available to Schools and Youth

Bright House Networks is committed to doing its part to help teachers and students succeed. We are pleased to support two new programs that do just that. Through our Classroom Innovators Grant Program there is an on-going effort to assist with classroom needs. The program is available to educators who teach K-12 curriculum at public and private schools located within any Bright House Networks service area. Recipients will be awarded up to $500 to support their efforts to move students forward to a bright future through educational learning.

Bright House Networks Futures Leaders is a technology scholarship program designed to recognize high school seniors in good standing in the Bright House Networks service area for their contributions to their schools and local communities. Bright House Future Leaders winners will be awarded a computer laptop, software and carrying case.

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

StudentCamBright House Networks is committed to investing in education and our children’s future. From teaching online safety to children and parents, providing scholarships and laptops to college-bound high school seniors and recognizing and rewarding teachers for engaging students with new technologies in the classroom, Bright House Networks has been a leader in supporting education and teachers. We are proud to continue our partnership with Cable in the Classroom to promote digital citizenship. And, through our Bright House Networks 21st Century Star Teacher Awards, we have recognized more than 250 highly creative teachers who use Cable in the Classroom resources to promote digital citizenship, safety, literacy, and ethical behavior online.

Bright House Networks is also proud to be a partner in the nationally recognized and supported program, Connect2Compete, which provides low-cost, discounted broadband Internet service to qualified households with at least one child in grades K-12. Read the FAQ for more information on Connect2Compete.

Every year, Bright House Networks partners with C-SPAN on StudentCam, in which 6-18 students in Bright House Networks service areas are honored annually for creating short video documentaries on issues that affect our communities and nation. Bright House Networks also helps prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s workplace. We partner with programs like the Emma L. Bowen Foundation — created in 1989 to prepare minority youth for careers in the media industry — and Junior Achievement — the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs — to name just a few.

Helping Generate Awareness for Local Organizations

Bright House Networks Airtime Grant Program provides promotional airtime each year to 501(C)(3) non-profit organizations located in the seven counties served by the Tampa Bay Division. Airtime grants are used to promote general awareness about an organization or promote a recipient's special event. Grants range in value from $5,000 up to $25,000 in advertising. Promotional messages can be aired on more than 40 popular cable networks including VH1, CNN, Discovery, and Lifetime to reach specific audiences. Applications are available here.

2013 Senior Idol

Each year talented seniors over 55 years young take the stage to entertain and help raise money for senior charities in the Tampa Bay area. The top acts from each of the four regional shows will take the stage on Monday, April 1 at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

This year the audience will vote for a winner, with each winner receiving $500 for themselves and $500 for their favorite charity.
Learn more Senior Idol 

Providing Leadership in the Community

Every year, our employees make a difference by volunteering their time at afterschool programs, public schools, arts and cultural programs; and civic, environmental and community service organizations in their local communities. Last year alone, more than 200 Bright House Networks executives served on the board of directors of more than 230 organizations. Providing leadership in the community is an important part of being a good neighbor.

To further its commitment to volunteerism, Bright House Networks has recently expanded its Community Service Day Program allowing employees to volunteer in their community during work hours. Full-time employees receive one regularly scheduled workday each year to volunteer in their community; halftime employees receive a half day.

Thousands of students benefit each year from our investments in after school and education through programs like:

  • Cable in the Classroom - More than $2 million dollars of in-kind support donated to 1,667 Public & Private Schools Cable in the Classroomacross the country;
  • We provide cash and in-kind support benefiting more than 40,000 students attending local after school programs like the Boys & Girls Clubs;
  • More than $25,000 in college scholarships awarded annually to students who excel in academics, athletics, and other areas.

Engaging Youth Afterschool

Working with the Afterschool Alliance and the Florida Afterschool Network, Afterschool Alliancewe conduct annual awareness campaigns to promote the benefits of afterschool programs to youth and families throughout its service areas. Locally, we support prominent afterschool program providers like the Boys & Girls Clubs.

We know that when kids are engaged and in a safe place during those critical hours between 3-6 p.m., crime goes down and graduation rates go up. We have focused on providing resources for children across all of our service areas. In addition to our financial commitment, we have provided High Speed Internet, Digital TV, promotional on-air advertising and scholarships to afterschool providers. To date, we have given nearly $2 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Supporting Our Student Athletes

Here in Florida, local sporting events are a year-round and integral part of our everyday lives. Bright House Networks is the home for high school sports and the only channel where you get exclusive coverage of regular, postseason and championship games across Tampa Bay and Central Florida on channel 47 and HD 1147; and we sponsor a variety of sports-related events and venues across all of our Bright House Network service areas.

We’re proud to be the Official Television Partner of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). Bright House Sports Network will be producing and distributing all FHSAA state quarterfinals, semifinals and final series games for the next three years. When school budget cuts began threatening the Breakfast of Champions ceremony honoring athletes, Bright House Sports Network and Bright House Networks teamed up with superintendents, athletic directors and coaches to create the Bright House Sports Network Breakfast of Champions.

Bright House Networks has also actively participated in and supported the development of the University of Central Florida’s stadium — Bright House Networks Stadium — and is the naming sponsor of Bright House Networks Field in Clearwater, Florida.