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Start Over

Start Over Graphic

Go Ahead, Turn Back the Clock

Stress-free TV with No Deadlines

Start Over™ lets you restart shows already on and Look Back® to favorites you may have missed or want to watch again.

What You Need

A Bright House Networks Premier TV standard box and remote. That’s it. A Start Over prompt will automatically appear on shows able to Start Over. Just use your remote and follow the directions to restart the show.

Start Over and Look Back are trademarks of Time Warner Cable Inc.
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Features and Benefits  

Start Over is a feature of Bright House Networks Premier TV. Start Over gives you the ability to start over, pause, rewind and restart shows that have already begun. And if you miss a show you wanted to watch, you can even Look Back. Just go to the Menu, find the show you missed up to 72 hours ago, and start it over. It’s that easy. Free to all digital cable customers, Start Over is another Premier TV feature from Bright House Networks.

How Start Over Works

What Is Look Back

Find Out What You Can Start Over

Start Over Programming is available in most of our service areas. Please click the link below to see what start over programming is available in your area.
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