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Parental Controls

Keep your Kids Safe with Parental Controls

You Get the Final Word

 Your House, Your Rules

The parental controls on your cable set-top box can block programs by channel, title, rating, or time and date. Pay-per-view and video on demand purchases can also be blocked. Most importantly, YOU get to decide what is appropriate for your child.

Using parental controls is easy! It all starts with your remote control. Another great tool to help you select programming that everyone in your family can enjoy is the TV Ratings system (aka the TV Parental Guidelines). The TV ratings help you gauge age appropriateness and use symbols to describe the content they contain.

To learn more about what the TV Ratings, visit

What You Need

Parental Controls are a free feature of Bright House Networks Digital TV. With Digital TV, simply press A on your remote and scroll to Parental Controls to choose the blocking option that works best for you.

Why It's Better

Parental Controls give you the power to choose the movies, shows and events your family can access. Plus, there are many ways to customize your settings, so TV is really on your terms.


Everyone is different. Find the Parental Control blocking option that best suits your needs.

  • Block By Rating
    PG? PG-13? R? Prevent your children from watching movies, shows and events by their ratings. You set the limits, and you can rest easier knowing your family is protected.
  • Block by Content Advisory
    Block programs that contain specific types of content, such as intense violence (V), strong coarse language (L) or intensely suggestive dialogue (D). 
  • Block TV Shows and Series
    Block all episodes of shows you find inappropriate for your family.
  • Block By Channel
    Restrict access to entire channels and all their shows.
  • Block Time Slots
    When time does make a difference, prevent temptation to turn on the TV during homework or bedtime.
  • Lift Restrictions
    There’s no need to miss your favorite shows. Turn Parental Controls On and Off as often as you choose. Just enter your PIN to change your options.
  • Change Your PIN
    Change your PIN any time and as often as you wish. It’s easy to do.

Making the Most of It

We know the rules change. So, we've made it easy to reset your Parental Controls at any time.

How to Set Parental Controls
SpongeBob Square Pants
Sponge Bob Square Pants

Hundreds of kid-friendly shows are available On Demand.

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Cable Puts You In Control

Bright House Networks and the cable industry are committed to addressing your concerns about what your children see on TV.

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Community Involvement

We are proud to provide cable service to schools all across our service areas.  It's part of our committment to our communities.

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