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Classroom Innovators Grant Program

Providing resources to
help educators innovate
in the classroom

The Classroom Innovators Grants is an ongoing program to assist innovative educators with classroom needs. The program is available to educators who teach K-12 curriculum at public and private schools or at an afterschool nonprofit program that are within Bright House Networks service areas. Recipients are eligible to receive up to one grant per year, of no less than $250 and no greater than $500, to assist in their efforts to move students toward a brighter future through innovative learning. Multiple grants per cycle may be awarded within a Bright House Networks service area.

Fall 2013 Grant Winners

Bright House Networks awarded 30 grants totaling $14,237 in funding to support educators who are brightening the future of students in their classroom with their creative and innovative projects. Congratulations to our Classroom Innovator Grants recipients. See the list of Fall 2013 grant winners.

How to Apply for a Grant

To apply, please complete the online application form and make sure to include a summary of what is needed in your classroom, a signed media release form, a completed W-9 and New Vendor form. Note: Your application will not be deemed completed unless all of these items are received. The grant money must be used on a project that impacts students directly.

Completed applications for the Classroom Innovators Grant Program will be reviewed throughout the entry period. Grant recipients will be awarded up to $500 based on project need. Recipients will be notified within 30 days of submitting their completed application to Bright House Networks.

Selection Criteria

All entries will be judged on a rolling basis by a panel of judges comprised of Bright House Networks administrators. The judges will evaluate entries based on the following criteria:
  • Creativity of the program (25%),
  • Educational benefits of the dynamic program (25%),
  • The potential impact of the inventive program and how it could motivate students to succeed in the future (25%), and
  • Inspiration behind the program and existing factors that make this innovative program necessary (25%).

Application Checklist

  1. Created an online account to access the application.
  2. Completed the online application that:
    1. Includes a summary describing the need for funds for your classroom and how these funds will be utilized to further student achievement through innovative learning.
    2. Includes a signed media release form. Media forms should be signed by you (the educator) and notarized.
    3. Includes a completed W-9 Form. The W-9 Form should be completed by your school official with the school information.
    4. Includes a completed New Vendor Form. Complete only page 1 of the New Vendor Form and it should match the information on the W-9. There is no need to complete page 2.

Please note, hard copy applications will not be accepted; however, you may fax attachments B through D (described above) to 407-210-3147 (ATTN: Classroom Innovators Grant Program) if you are unable to scan and attach them to the online application.

Applications will be considered completed once the online application form is completed and the signed media release form and completed W-9 and New Vendor forms are received. Completed applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Recipients will be notified within 30 days of submitting their completed application to Bright House Networks.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Read the official rules.


Disclaimer: K-12 educators must teach at a public school, private school, or afterschool nonprofit program located within the Bright House Networks service area to be eligible. Not open to immediate family members of Bright House Networks employees.